Different types of epoxy resins for epoxy clock

Resin make beautiful decorative objects like wall clocks, geode wall piece, tray, coasters and many more. 

The process of making resin clocks are extremely unique 

There are two types of resins are available 

One is casting and another is coating 

Casting resin used in different types of silicone molds which is available in different shapes like square, round, heart, rectangle etc. 

you can use any silicon mold that was made for casting resin clocks, tables, trays and many more.

Casting resin can cure in 24 to 48 hours.

Casting Resins have mixing ratios of 3:1, 2:1 and also 1:1.

In Casting resin when it mixed with hardener color of resin looks transparent white.

Casting Resins give you a longer working time, as it cures a lot slower.

Casting Resins are more suitable for use in molds, river tables, figurines and in projects where various items are embedded deep in the resin.

Coating resin used in MDF sheets it is also available in different shapes 

Coating resin can cure 12 to 24 hours.

Coating Resins usually have mixing ratios of 1:1. 

In Coating resin when it mixed with hardener color of resin looks little yellowish transparent.

Coating Resins give you around 20 minute working time, which is considerably less time needed to prepare everything and then pour.

Resin needs to be measured out precisely or else your epoxy will not cure correctly.

After mixtures of resin the measurement of surface taking by the tool named level 

It helps to manage level of surface where you put level tool on a centre of making piece and you can work with resin so that is also an important factor

After that pigments are also available in liquid, metallic, acrylics, alcoholic, pearl, shiny, glitter etc. 

pigments are based in powder, oil and gel. 

Also it is Affordable, Easy to use, Easier to manage color concentration, Suitable for beginners and professionals, easily available.

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