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What is epoxy and how it is been use and what you can make out of epoxy?

Epoxy is one type of resin which can be use with epoxy hardener and once you mix the resin according to ratio you will have one hour of time to use it because after one hour resin and hardener start chemical reaction and start to getting freeze you can use color pigments and make beautiful designs. out of epoxy you can make beautiful epoxy clock using epoxy on MDF wood sheet or using epoxy resin molds epoxy wall clock is beautiful thing to make out of epoxy and it is most easy epoxy art. with different color pigments you can build beautiful resin clock or epoxy wall clock. Using good quality epoxy resin you can also make epoxy resin table. you need bit of information about epoxy and our blog can help you . let's talk about how to build epoxy Clock   To build epoxy table you need to follow same procedure you have to mix resin and hardener according to specified on label you can follow mixing instructions written over the label after mixing resin and hardener you can us

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